What is the difference between a buyers agent and a selling agent?

A licensed real estate buyers agent works exclusively for you, the buyer.

Selling agents represent the interests of the vendor (the seller) and are therefore unable to give you impartial advice that is in your best interests.  Their responsibility is to sell the property for the highest possible price; your goal is to buy it for the lowest possible price.

And you will find that selling agents simply cannot give you the dedicated time and attention that you want to find and buy the property that is right for you.

As a buyers agency, Finders Keepers goes much further in understanding and serving your needs, organising all the details for you, and giving you expert advice that has only your interests in mind.

Lots of people buy property without a buyers agent - how will using Finders Keepers help me?

By engaging an experienced buyers agent, you can expect to be the best informed buyer on any property and to get access to properties that have not been advertised.

Your Finders Keepers property consultants will research the property and sales history using industry data not generally available to the public.

You will usually know when the property last sold, for how much, and what the expected market price of the property is – based on median growth for similar properties since the last sale.

You will be advised of any other factors that the selling agent may not have disclosed, which may affect your long term enjoyment of the property.

You will also be advised on the likely reserve price if the property is being auctioned.

Your Finders Keepers buyers agents will look at ways of ‘sweetening’ the deal to make your offer more attractive for the vendor (and you); for instance by varying the settlement terms. And we will move quickly if that makes the difference in securing the property for you.

You will know that you have experienced property negotiators and auction bidders representing you.

If I use Finders Keepers will you guarantee to find me a property? How long will it take?

Yes! If we think your search brief is unachievable, we will tell you that before you engage us.

Finders Keepers is one of the few real estate buyers agencies that do not impose a time-limit. We guarantee to work for you until you exchange contracts on a property that meets your criteria and that you are absolutely happy with.

Our usual time for a search, from appointment to exchange, is currently 6-12 weeks. But, depending on your specific requirements and the market conditions, it can take considerably longer.

Be wary of buyers agents who impose a time limit on their search as you could end up paying substantial dollars with no property at the end of the contract period or feel rushed into buying a property you are not really happy with.

Most buyers agents charge a percentage of my budget, what is the difference with a fixed fee?

Finders Keepers is the first buyers agency, and probably the first real estate business, to quote clients strictly on a fixed-fee basis.

We do not charge a percentage of the purchase price because the amount of time and effort we put into a successful search is often independent of the value of the property.

And, because we are trying to get the best price on the right property for you, we do not believe our fee should increase as your purchase price does. This way, when we negotiate on your behalf, you will know we have only your interests to look after.  Plus, you will know up-front exactly what you will be paying.

What if I change my mind about the suburbs and/or type of property I want - do I pay more?

Generally, no. Finders Keepers commits to getting you a property that you are completely happy with. We understand that looking for a home or investment property is always a ‘work-in-progress’ and you may well want to vary some of your requirements as we go.

We will only impose an additional fee if your brief changes significantly from what we initially quoted you. For example, if you ask us to buy an investment apartment in Kirribilli and then decide several weeks later to buy a family home in Killara, we would re-quote the fee. However if you decided to buy the investment apartment in the city instead, we may not change the fee at all.

It is our experience that you will end up choosing a property that does not entirely match your initial brief. We always like to start with your broad wish list of requirements and streamline this with you as the search goes on.

What if I find the property I want to buy after I have engaged you?

Some of our clients actually enjoy the property search and keep an eye on properties for sale even while we are looking for a property for them. If they come across a property they really like, it is usually outside the brief they have given us (or we have already identified it!).

If you do find a property yourself after you have appointed us, get us involved right away. We will pick up on inspecting and evaluating it for you and follow through with all our usual service.

This scenario is covered in our written agreement. Our full fees are payable so it is in your best interests to make full use of us.

What if I want to cancel my search with Finders Keepers?

Our agreement with you is structured to provide for the possibility that you may want to discontinue your search for any reason. You are able to terminate the agreement at any time but you will be liable for fees for all work we have done up until the time you advise us of the cancellation.

Finders Keepers will not initiate a cancellation (unless you are in breach), so we will not you leave you ‘stranded’ or out-of-pocket.

Does a buyers agent need to have a real estate sales background?

Absolutely not.  At Finders Keepers we see our corporate experience in service and financial industries as one of our strengths.

Others might say only those that have worked on the other side of the business know the ‘tricks of the trade’. But in the years that we have represented buyers we have realised that so-called “tricks” are inevitably misleading practices. A solid and logical business approach to any deal will negate any attempts to intimidate or mislead the buyer.

We have all come across selling agents who underquote a property’s value early in the marketing campaign. A good buyers agent uses these price guides as a starting point only. Finders Keepers does its own research and appraisals on the current worth of the property. And we have an exceptional record in identifying the price range of the ‘reserve’ on property going to auction.

Is this service really for overseas buyers and people with huge budgets?

It is true that many of our clients live outside Sydney and that others are looking for multi-million-dollar properties.

But Finders Keepers works for all kinds of people and the minimum budget is determined only by the price of properties in the areas we cover.

As long as you recognise the benefit of getting expert, professional input, you will see the value of having us work for you. You will probably use professionals to sell your property and do your conveyancing, so why not get the experts on your side in searching for and buying property as well.

I like the idea of using a buyers agent but I am still hesitant in investing the money - how can I be sure I am making the right decision?

Finders Keepers’ reputation thrives on the numerous clients it has successfully bought properties for.

We will not send you a 100-page dossier of testimonials written by us. When you are planning to use our service, you will be given the contact details of past clients whom you can call or email and ask the questions that are important (and relevant) to you.

If you are buying an investment or commercial property our fees should be tax deductible to you. Your accountant can advise you on this.

Choose us with confidence!

In appointing Finders Keepers you will have chosen the progressive industry leader, awarded by the Real Estate Institute of NSW as the best buyers’ agent in the state.  

Our initiatives in quoting fixed fees, being the first agency licensed to represent buyers exclusively, in forming the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association, and in setting the highest customer service levels, mean you can be assured of real added-value and the best possible outcome when buying property.